American Made, Why It Matters

 We Proudly Support Local Businesses in the USA

Something to pay attention to on your next purchase from a trusted retailer.... "Where Was It Made?"

We know our customers are more aware than ever of the importance of supporting local trades here in the US and we are proud to say we love to do this and will continue to do so. 

Our costs become higher but so do our values so it's all worth it in our mind.


Hand Crafted throughout the US

Custom Blended Fabrics Made Here In America


Amazing Cottons

Natural weaves from the best cottons and more. Like "SUPIMA COTTON". One of the finest, most luxurious cottons available and in some cases grown right here in Sunny California. You will know when it is "Supima Cotton" because of its super soft quality and amazing durability.


Support USA Manufacturing

The U.S. and especially our local small businesses have an amazing and creative manufacturing base which absolutely deserves our support. We will always strive to help the growth of local businesses and luckily we have some of the best available to choose from.


We proudly support the US Worker :)

Support Local Workers

Please know that when you buy Sleepaholik merchandise you support your local workers and tradesmen. This not only supports our local economy, it supports our economy in general. These workers have safe and fair working environments as well as humane conditions to work within.

We appreciate you supporting the American Worker.



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