About The Flock



Basically, we give a Flock. (Pun intended).


In order to evolve into our higher selves a little self-reflection and gratitude to others is necessary. We would like to express our contribution by sharing not only a line of sleepwear and casual clothing that is uniquely soft and blissful when close to the skin but also a way of thinking and being. Our style is slightly whimsical, playful and a little cheeky but there is always a meaning within. We refer to ourselves as the "Enlightened Herd" based on a new understanding of the world and in fact, the Universe we are all part of.


We also like to think of ourselves as evolved beings and love to reflect that within our clothing and goods. The basis of every creation we put out has positivity within it. This may sound strange if you are not familiar with us, but we actually bless all our clothing to bring love and happiness to all that wear it. Not a gimmick just something that makes us feel good.


We are spiritual in nature but do not take ourselves too seriously, at the same time we believe that enlightened souls make good bedfellows (figuratively speaking of course) henceforth the name "SleepaHolik".


We truly hope that you enjoy our clothing and that this may be a small slice of wearable heaven that is unveiled into your life.







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